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Yesterday's Dream by peachesrox

I love the way you have done this! I am so used to you doing manipulations, I was surprised to see that you had decided to use a new te...



LB by Dayinissa
I present to you Luke Brooks from the Janoskians<3 this photo is originally from his twitter account (luke_brooks)

after spending so much time dormant, I thought I'd upload something that I've drawn traditionally. It's my first time with artists pencils, so I understand if I've made some mistakes. His jumper was an absolute pain to draw, so it might look awkward and out of proportion. But whatever. 
It is that time of night again, where the lights dim and the world goes silent. That is when nature comes alive, thriving under the moonlight. It also spells another journey for you.

I watch as you move, so careful of your steps. It is as if you are afraid of waking the sun from her slumber. You are quick and agile, skilful in your approach to life. A streak of black, you prowl along the deserted streets, where you know it is now safe and completely soundless. The only sparks of noise are when the crickets rejoice in their freedom, playing you their song.

Tell me little cat, where do you go? Tell me, what brings you out into the harsh world? Please tell me. Nobody can hear us, I promise.

I know that I am lucky to have the experience of watching you once again. It is these mysterious, midnight travels that lead me to wonder where you long to deliver your presence to. I have always been so cautious in my fragile attempts to follow your every movement, scared that my heartbeat will give me away. I envy how you stroll so effortlessly, whilst we contend with the clumsy nature of our human forms.

You pause, your lithe body crunching into a sitting position. You sit proudly, looking up into the star-stricken sky, your steps destined to chase the moon until sunrise.

It is then that your big, beautiful eyes meet mine and realise that they are being watched. I know that I have been careless in avoiding your suspicion. I dare to breathe, and it is at that moment that you choose to vanish.

Your obsidian coat flashes across the wall as you leap to your safe zone, afraid that you have been caught crossing the borders. You look back at me for a fleeting moment and it is then that we connect. It won't be the last time I see you, and you hunger for trust in me.  

Shhh, little cat.

Your secret is safe with me.
I don't really know why I wrote this in all honesty. I guess it's supposed to symbolise that you should treasure something whilst you have the pleasure of it's company, instead of allowing yourself to make careless mistakes and squander it.

i wrote this late one night because I couldn't sleep. It was very early in the morning, I'm not sure what hour it was. Anyway, I've been having trouble sleeping recently and I always open the balcony door to clear my mind with the night air. Every time I do, I have noticed that the young cat across the street always ventures out. She is a curious soul, and it inspired me a little. 

I don't expect you to read this, most people don't after all. But if you do get this far, always divide your attention accordingly. The things that you are comfortable with and ignore could always disappear tomorrow, as I have learned through my own experiences.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore, strong language and ideologically sensitive material)
This Novel Includes Scenes OF A Violent AND Sexual Nature. YOU ARE NOT Advised TO Read This Without Parental Guidance OR Knowledge OF THE Issues Involved. YOU Have Been Warned.

Thank you for taking your time to read this story. It is a combined story between me and a friend. You can find us over at Twitter (JennaWalsh8 and itsokimanna) and deviantART (Dayinissa and BailanduSilueta). We would love for you to comment and leave some feedback!


I offer a last glance up the stairs before closing the door quietly behind me and skittering down the front path. My job is not the best, but to me its still a haven. I listen intently to the clack of my shallow heels against the pavement slabs and fix my eyes on the dull orange sun as it makes its way up from behind the horizon. My face stings, my body aches. From head to toe lingers the awful memories and realities of Jai's physicality. As I do every morning, I dedicate the short walk to preparing to fight back against my love. "Tonight." I mutter under my breath, promising that I will finally face my fears. I've said this every morning for as long as I can remember, though somehow it still manages to calm my stomach slightly each day.

As I approach the bank, I draw a small pocket mirror from my bag and check that no purple is showing through my makeup, before opening the heavy glass door and flashing a forced smile at Grace on the front desk. Although today, unlike every day for the last few months, Grace lifts a hand to wave me over. She leans close to me and whispers "We have a new guy. Just thought I'd let you know." I nod, smile my thanks and continue to the desk at the back of the building.

I keep my head down, working efficiently on my computer and shifting through endless pages of words that mean nothing to me, until I hear footsteps approach, and come to an abrupt stop by my desk. I look up. In front of me stands a boy, about 6'1", dark hair, turquoise eyes and a rather well looked after figure. He smiles, showing dimples deep through his cheeks. "Hey," he grins, his voice low, and holds out his hand over the desk, "I'm Ethan." I immediately draw into my shell, weary of any male who comes too close into contact with me. Gingerly, I fit my frail fingers to his, wincing slightly with the pressure he applies, and grimace. "Eleanor" I say, trying on a welcoming smile and hoping I don't pass off as rude or uncouth.

His brow wrinkles slightly, but it is gone in a flash, smoothing out to form a clear complexion. I peek up at him, drinking in his form before bowing my head towards my lap. I am not a people person, more so because of my relationship troubles. This is why I chose to work at the bank, as my job only required me to check paperwork and pass through cheques. Ethan stands, his weight shifting to one foot as he waits for me to offer some conversation. I blush crimson under my many layers of makeup and he lets out a nervous laugh. "Well Eleanor, I'll be working with you soon. My desk is just behind yours, neighbour." He winks at me, a grin gracing his nude lips as he walks to his own setup. I try to still my anxiety as it threatens to overwhelm me. I have barely even looked at another man after I got slapped and kicked by Jai for glancing at a male that walked into the coffee shop once. It had been out of habit, as I generally like to assess the people I am around, yet I had paid for it behind closed doors. A stupid, stupid mistake. A sweep of regret washed over me, as I knew Jai wouldn't be happy if he knew. Which meant my encounter with Ethan would be another secret to harbour among my many other skeletons hanging in the closet.

As the work day finished, I picked up my files that contained my paperwork. It had been a long and arduous shift, and whilst some were glad it was over, I was crestfallen. With a heavy heart, I went to drag back the glass door, and with it, my files spilled out onto the charcoal grey carpet. Cursing, I dropped to my knees, scrabbling them together. I had learnt to be quick - as you had to be to recover from one of Jai's blows. Yet somehow my fingers couldn't quite clasp the plastic, and they slipped straight through. By now I could feel the workers staring at me, and embarrassment was never something I could get used to. As I got ready to run for the nearest exit, two hands gathered together my folders, handing them to me as the hands helped me to my stilettoed feet. Ethan. Glowering, I snatched my hand away and hurried through the exit. I felt bad for being that way, but I knew that it'd be worth it to avoid another beating.

Dragging my feet, I made my way up to the door. The living room light glowed through the paper blinds, and I knew he'd be there. Waiting. Tugging the door open, I was surprised to find the downstairs area vacant. Setting my keys onto the kitchen counter, alongside my files, I trembled. The back of my neck prickled and the hairs stood on end. Faint breathing tickled my ear, and I knew that it was him. His clammy hands trapped me in the small space, landing either side of my body on the kitchen counter. His stomach pressed against my back, causing me to inch closer to the drawers in front of me. His voice was husky and laced with alcohol as his head hung just above my shoulder. "Welcome home honey." He slurred, leaving rough kisses along my jawline. My eyes began to pool with despair and I felt the tears sting. I couldn't cry. I laughed lightly, yet no amusement was heard in my tones.

"Jai, I have work to do my love. Look at all of these papers for the bank. If I don't do them now, they won't be ready in time for their deadline." I reasoned, my voice airy and soft. I was attempting to keep the mood light, as he was at his worst when he was drunk.

"Later." he responded, his voice muffled as it left sloppy kisses down my neck.

"No I can-" I began to protest, moving around to face him.

"Later." he shouted, his tone ringing in my ears as his eyes flashed from gentle to angry in a millisecond. I could see danger within them, and I gripped the kitchen counter to steady myself as I became fearful once more.

I feel my stomach tense with a gripping fear as he half leads, half drags me to the bedroom. I can smell the alcohol, pungent on his breath, and shrink back in bitter refusal.

"I, I..." I stop, for he turns around and his fist instantly meets contact with the socket of my eye.


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United Kingdom
So, I'm a 16 year old girl from the UK and I enjoy reading, writing and drawing/sketching. Horses and dogs/wolves are my main priority of art that I draw but sometimes I get bored and draw something completely random. I also draw a lot of celebrities which are available on my Instagram (link coming soon). My favourite musical artists and bands are P!NK, The Script, Vanessa Carlton & Counting Crows. I've listened to most of them since I was young and have attended most of the concerts by P!NK and The Script. I play Howrse and my name is Whirl I sorta gave up manipulations after realising how rubbish I've become :S

Some of my roleplaying characters are...
Horses - Elijah, Kade, Zak, China, Shayde, Saraph, Hannah, Maverick, Fiontan, Mannequin, Raven, Viveca.
Wolves - Phaline, Jamon, Reena, Blazien, Tybalt, Saffy/Sapphire, Leila.
Humans - Niall

I go on holiday quite a lot and have some really good friends over there. They're English, since I understand zilch of Spanish. I have two very close friends there named Rebecca and Ciaran :)

Current Residence: UK
Favourite genre of music: Rock'n'Roll & Pop
Favourite photographer: Colourize-Stock
Favourite style of art: Sketch & Manipulation Art
Favourite cartoon character: Roadrunner
Personal Quote: As soon as forever is through, I'll be over you.


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As you all probably know, me and BailanduSilueta began writing Numb Pain over on earlier this year. We've come a long way and are proud to say that we've now reached a whopping 586 reads alongside 71 votes! Twenty-seven chapters are available for the story and a new chapter has been written and currently reviewed for possible publication tomorrow. Thank you all so much for persevering with the story and we're both so glad people like it :heart: honestly, as soon as we hit our 500 mark, we were both freaking out (but in a good way!) xD it's been emotional, and I can remember when we were begging people for 5 votes on our first chapter and losing hope because nobody would. It doesn't seem like we've been doing it long, and we haven't, but we've both come a long way in that short space of time. Thank you to anybody who's been following Ellie's life and it's safe to say that both of us have become immensely attached to all the characters involved (yes, even Jai!) We love you all so much and you have no idea how excited we get when we realise somebody's voted. The story will unfortunately be wrapping up soon, as we are incorporating some final plots and building up to the big dramas. But of course we have the prequel to work with, so all is well(: if you haven't heard of the story but want to read, please click this link:…

On other news, 'Sweetheart' will be updated very soon! I've just been extremely preoccupied with my some personal issues but I'm hoping to relax and start writing in the very near future. Please stick with the story, as big things are coming. There won't be many fillers unless they are majorly needed. I want this novel to be  action-packed mostly. You can track the story here:…

Also, BailanduSilueta has been writing a book on wattpad too. It is called 'Empty' and features a very interesting storyline concerning government matchmaking. It has some basic ideas from the roleplay site that we are hopefully going to work on this year and attempt to upload. You can read the story here:…

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